September 30th – October 1st, 2023

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Carolina Data Challenge (CDC)! CDC is UNC’s weekend-long datathon that brings together hundreds of participants from across campus, numerous corporate sponsors, tons of free food as well as merch, and hundreds of dollars of prizes!

About CDC

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Carolina Data Challenge (CDC)! CDC is UNC’s weekend-long data science hackathon hosted by Carolina Analytics and Data Science (CADS) in partnership with the UNC Department of Computer Science.

Hosted at UNC Computer Science’s Sitterson Hall, participants will be able to work on an interesting data science project in teams, interact with our sponsors at the sponsorship fair, attend workshops to learn new data science skills, eat free food, earn prizes, and meet new friends also interested in data science!

CDC is completely beginner-friendly, with numerous workshops and networking opportunities for those completely new to data science. Whether you are a freshman, senior, or graduate student, there is something great for you at CDC.

The Theme: Nostalgia

The theme for the 2023 Carolina Data Challenge is Nostalgia! Students will work in teams to create data science projects using datasets surrounding this theme.

Teams will get the change to work on projects focusing on one of five tracks: Business, Health Science, Social Science, Natural Science, and Pop Culture! Each track will have their own hand-picked dataset to explore, all with varying difficulties, unique challenges, and interesting insights.

At the end of the hacking period, submissions will present their projects to a panel of judges consisting of UNC Professors and industry professionals provided by our corporate sponsors. Different groups will be selected as winners for a variety of categories, accessible to students of all skill levels and win cool prizes!

Corporate Sponsors

Here are the incredible corporate sponsors of the 2023 Carolina Data Challenge:

Interested in sponsoring CDC? Reach out to us at!


A data science hackathon is an event where teams of students collaborate to analyze a dataset, extract meaningful insights, and create a final project / dashboard / web app showcasing these insights! CDC is a great place to learn new things too, as we host many events throughout the weekend.

CDC will be held in-person at UNC Computer Science’s Sitterson Hall!

CDC’s Hacker Experience team curates datasets relating to CDC’s theme for each track! To ensure fairness, all teams must use one of the datasets the Hacker Experience team selects.

While you are free to leave for the evening, Sitterson Hall has air mattresses for students who wish to stay the night! CDC will have a game night, nighttime snacks, and numerous activities for students who do stay.

Still have questions? Reach out to!